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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reliance Industries Demo LTE-TDD In India

Qualcomm, one of Indian BWA Auction Winner for 4 circle , Wireless Broadband Business Services Pvt Ltd, the auctions held earlier this year, yesterday demonstrated LTE TDD at 2.3 GHz in Gurgaon, India. The demo, done with Ericsson, live streamed multiple high definition video feeds to a mobile van in Gurgaon, using Qualcomm chip-set based USB dongles.

Qualcomm has won 20 MHz of spectrum in Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and Haryana, at a price of Rs. 4912.54 crore in total. Among these circles, it has paid Rs. 2292.95 crore. Qualcomm is looking to exit this venture now. Interestingly, Kanwalinder Singh, President (India and South Asia) at Qualcomm told Business Line that Tulip Telecom and Global Holdings may also exit the venture.

Additionally, Reliance Industries also showcased LTE-TDD 4G technology at the Reliance Corporate Park, in Navi Mumbai. In the test environment, the company says it got healthy balanced peak rates of 80 Mbps in the downlink and 20 Mbps in the uplink for the specified configuration/setup. As with the Gurgaon demo, they demonstrated live streaming of TV content on the move, with a handover between base stations.They got 80Mbps download speed when travelling at a speed of 70Km per an hour.But now it could not be completely call as 4G.Because the standard for 4G now raised to 100Mbps when traveling and 1gbps while stationary.


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